Harry potter chaffeur tour in london and oxford

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Your Private Chauffeur Driven Harry Potter Tour in London and Oxford

Platform 9 3/4, The Harry Potter Experience, the Great Hall and more...

What you’ll see:

In London visit the station that was the setting for the film's Platform 9 3/4, meander through the market that set the scene for the opening of the Leaky Cauldron and follow the route of the Knight Bus in London.

In Oxford, see many other Harry Potter sights, including:

  • the grand staircase where Mrs. McGonagall greets the children
  • Great Hall that provided the model for Hogwarts Dining Hall (at the University)
  • the Library where Hogwart's infirmary scenes were set as well as the settings for Malfoy's transformation into a ferret and Ron's dancing lesson with Professor McGonagall (also at the University).

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Harry Potter Chauffeur Tour

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For example, you can also visit the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour, London (just 20 miles from the heart of London) where you can experience some more of the filming magic behind harry potter.

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